What is personal color analysis?

Personal color analysis is a tool for enhancing a client's appearance based on the premise that we represent ourselves most faithfully when the colors we add to ourselves via our attire and accessories connect in a visually harmonious way with the colors we already are as a result of our own unique genetics. The analysis process identifies the combination of characteristics that a color must possess in order for it to harmonize beautifully with a client's personal pigmentation, thus placing that client into one of twelve possible tonal groups (also known as Seasons).

What does personal color analysis accomplish? Why should I have one?

There are many reasons that someone might choose to have a personal color analysis, and many levels of benefit—self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-esteem—to be gained from the experience. What every client will find is that they come into focus—literally, visibly, in the mirror.

When we wear the colors that harmonize with our natural appearance, our features sharpen without looking pinched. Our jawline is evident and shapely. And our eyes, the focal point of our face, are bright and clear, our gaze direct and steady. When we dress in our Season's colors, we gain an unnoticed advocate. The colors themselves speak well of us as a whole person, wordlessly conveying confidence and competence—even to ourselves, so often our own harshest critics!

There are practical benefits to personal color analysis as well. When time is at a premium, the advantage in having a fully coordinated wardrobe cannot be overstated. And money goes much further when every purchase is a success that won't need to be replaced until it wears out! Expensive businesswear items can be kept to a carefully curated minimum, while everyday clothes can be more affordably sourced—and no one will know, because genuinely flattering clothing never looks cheap. The net effect is a better wardrobe for less money, and who could argue with that?